¿Es posible reformar la gobernanza económica de la Unión Europea?. Propuestas desde la izquierda radical

  • Workshop upon the New Economic Governance of the EU in the European Parliament
  • Is it possible to reform the economic governance of the EU? Proposals from the radical left

  • On 13 and 14 October, transform! and GUE/NGL co-organize a workshop which aims to analyze the New Economic Governance status quo of the European Union under the multiple perspectives of the radical left.
    The political goal of this initiative is not only to gain an understanding of the new political and institutional developments and transformations in the EU structure, but also to collect the various analyses coming from the radical left in order to explore the different plans and proposals for the EU and its future. The working group is not intended to come to a conclusion upon the “right” left strategy towards the new model of EU governance. On the contrary, what inspires us is the diversity across the European left that can result in a confident and militant agenda and a political action that will confront the neoliberal doctrine of the EU that supports the rise of the Far Right, the anti-immigrant sentiment and the anti-parliamentarism.
    The working languages of the workshop will be: English, Castilian Spanish, and French
    The workshop is open to participants and staff members of the GUE / NGL, MEPs and assistants.
    Venue: European Parliament, Room: P1C051

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